Kim Beaton Studios

Tree Troll

Kim Beaton Studios is the collaboration between two eccentric artist/scientists, who found not only love, but a shared passion for discovering new ways of doing art.

Our mission is to create amazing sculptures that enrich people’s imaginations and appreciation for art. We are available to perform public demonstrations as well as for commissioned pieces.

In 2006 a group of friends and I built a 10 ft tall sculpture of a Tree Troll out of papermache. It was a showstopping piece and one we are all proud of. But nearly as soon as it was built, it began to deteriorate because, well, it is papermache.

Since then I began a quest to find “the perfect sculpting material” or at least one that would allow me to rebuild the Tree Troll for outdoors. It took 6 years to find.

Grandpa Dragon

Our newest project, “Grandpa Dragon” is the culmination of all the research since then to find a better, stronger, and fully permanent solution to outdoor sculpture. Grandpa Dragon is made of a radically new, environmentally friendly, outdoor clay. This clay, called Pal Tiya, removes the need for traditional steel armatures, chicken wire or molds.

Grandpa Dragon is a large sculpture, about the size of a car and weighs three tonnes. We made him for two reasons. The first was to prove that we could indeed make something of this size. And secondly, if you are going to do something this big, dragons are cool. And a life sized dragon is the coolest thing ever!

It took months to make him, from the original engineering design to all the final scales He was made by a lovely team of family, friends and fools who gave generously of their time.

Grandpa Dragon was the proof that we needed. In 2014 we will begin work on the re-build of our beloved Tree Troll. He will be large, 12 feet tall, but this time he will live outdoors in the company of a real forest of trees.