Kim Beaton Studios

Kim Beaton

Kim Beaton has been sculpting for 20 years. She is a passionate, artist and scientist. Her love of sculpting is equaled by her desire to learn all the aspects of her field. Whether it is welded steel armatures, material science, marketing, supply chain management or the necessary pounds per inch of force needed to bend a structural component, it is all in the service of making beautiful things.

Her own aesthetic creed, “First, it must be beautiful”. Afterwards it can also be morally uplifting, sexy, silly, threatening, political, intellectually stimulating, and any number of other things. But if something is also beautiful, people will keep it around long enough for it to become appreciated

Kim Beaton

Warren Beaton is one of those rare funny, quirky, geniuses that embraces a vast array of talents. For the past 30 years he has been involved in the film and advertising fields, which has fueled his life long pursuit of cool things to learn. A brief, and by no means complete overview would include, prosthetist (artificial limbs), animatronics, special effects, prosthetic makeup, pyrotechnics, chemical engineering, sculpting, electronics and 3-D architectural design. For those in the southern hemisphere, he is the Creator of Smith’s Crisps “Gobbledock” (Australia) and Watties Spaghetti’s “Getty” (NZ)

Warren has a profound love of science, all things NASA, old B grade science fiction movies and dresses as a dapper man about town, circa 1880. He is the father of two astounding daughters, also both geniuses, who are following in his footsteps as designers, artisans and craftsmen.