Warren Beaton
1 Duchess Place, Apartment 14, Maupuia 6022, Wellington, NZ
+64 021 176 5122

2009–2012 Weta workshop
Three years on The Hobbit.
Prostectics, animatronics, creature constructions, miniatures previsualization, design
Design team on the Roxy Cinema
Design team on the Wellington Zoo's new Asia precinct

2002–2009 Kite Studios in Sydney

1992–1997 Special effects veteran of 14 years and 2000 commercials
Creator of Smith'sCrisps' Gobbledock (Australia) and Watties Spaghetti's Getty (NZ)
Chemistry, reverse engineering of materials, speciality in rheology
Pyrotectincs, from stage explosions up to quarry blasting and 8 inch mortars
Animatronics, Prostetics and makeup, Large scale props, Electronics
Physical Effects, Creature suits, Design and Illustration

1999–2002 Lord of the Rings
Head of miniatures on Isengard set
Hobbit scale double & Uruk–Hai character heads animatronics
Birthing sacks, Slime, mucous, & general icky–materials, research and development
Gore and injury rig development
On–set SFX costume–related & animatronic control duties.

1980–1986 Professional prosteteist
Artificial limbs
Computer Skills:
Photoshop – compositing, production illustration.
Google Sketchup for previsual design.
Raytracing software for visualization and lighting planning.

Film credits:
Something is Out There – 1988 – Designer, on set FX.
Ultraman – 1999 TV – Creature/animatronics design, construction, and on set supervision.
Reckless Kelly – Yahoo Serious 1992 – Title character Armour/costume design.
Power Rangers The Motion Picture – 1995 – Lead villain/creature designer, Prosthetics & creatures on set.
Dark City – 1996 – Animatronics.
Holy Smoke – 1997 – Physical on–set FX rig design & construction.
Matrix – 1998 – Pod Scene Ick & Goo development. Co–supervision of Keanu body FX on set.
Anacondas – 2004 – Hunt for the Blood Orchid – Creature Designer/FX consultant
Lord of the Rings – 2002 The Hobbit – 2012